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  • 🏴 On belief, self-image, and running vs. walking. Ten Bullets.

🏴 On belief, self-image, and running vs. walking. Ten Bullets.

For The Obsessed

To the obsessed,

Here are your weekly Ten Bullets.

Ten ideas to help you build companies, make art, and fuel your obsession.

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From me:

1. On content:

The best creators figure this out- and go on insane runs of relentless output. Because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like output. It just feels like living. They’ve found a natural, seamless, effortless way to capture their way of life.

2. On creating categories:

I talked more about this in a fireside chat last weekend, with Alex Ikonn. This was my first (small) live event speaking, which was a really fun experience. Check out the talk below:

3. On belief and insecurity:

There’s a subtle but massive difference here. Between knowing you are going to do incredible things, over decades, and having the confidence to do the right things today.

Delusional self-belief is often driven by crippling insecurity, because trusting in your potential is a safe-haven. It’s true. It’s written to happen. And deeply believing that is the only way to get through today.

I think this contrast is more common than not- especially in the early years of someone on their path.

Those who make it the top are those who persist, despite of this.

From The Obsessed:

4. On self-image:

‘Identity lags reality by 1-2 years. There’s a lot of psychological fallout from a rapid change in status.’ — @IAmMarkManson

If you’ve lost a ton of weight, or become single after a long relationship, or won a huge contract to play professional sport, or had amazing business success then you might resonate with this.

The person the world sees you as, and the person you see yourself as have become very different.

Your fears and doubts and inclinations have not changed much, and yet the individual that everyone else expects to turn up is this newly ascended version of you.

It will take time for your inner world to catch up to the outer one. Ancestrally, the ladder spanning from the highest you could climb to the lowest you could fall had far fewer rungs than it does today.

In a tribe of 80 people, there’s not just all that much room for your status to rollercoaster around.

In the modern world, there are unlimited degrees of freedom for your status to ascend in one domain or fall in another. Human minds are not prepared for our outward presentation and self-image to be ripped apart from each other so quickly.

It makes sense that they take so long to creep back together again.

Try to enjoy the rollercoaster as best you can, soon you won’t be able to remember what it was like to be at the bottom.”

Chris Williamson (Twitter)

I went a walk with Chris last summer, and he told me this quote. I just posted a video talking about the idea, below:

5. On uniqueness:

“If you’re looking to others being like ‘That’s what I want to do,’ you’re not gonna do it as good as them. You’re just going to be another copycat. What Jimmy (MrBeast) does is exceptional. But behind him are 10,000 rats copying him. Copying the innovator. If you get in line behind all the other sheep, you fail. Instead it’s really just putting your head down and figuring out what your thing is. ‘How do I do that?’ I don’t know. It’s impossible. It’s really hard to do. I find the best way to get there is just doing work. Keep digging ditches. Keep making videos that you’re embarrassed to show your mom.”

6. On losing yourself:

7. On running vs. walking:

Walk to get ideas.

Run to get energy.

8. On obsession:

The sleep test, the eating test, the pee test. This is what obsession feels like.

9. On focus:

“There is an old two-part rule that often works wonders in business, science, and elsewhere:

  1. Take a simple, basic idea and

  2. Take it very seriously

10. On agency:

“When I see things I don’t like, I start thinking, ‘Why do they have to be like this and how can I improve them?’”

— Walt Disney, The Imagineering Story

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