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🏴 On exercise, madness, and weakness. Ten Bullets.

For The Obsessed

To the obsessed,

Here are your weekly Ten Bullets.

Ten ideas to help you build companies, make art, and fuel your obsession.

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1. On the curse of obsession:

2. On exercise and energy:

I’m a believer in this Casey Neistat theory:

“I think you can supplement sleep with exercise. Say you sleep eight hours a night. If you took two of those hours and spent them exercising, and only slept six hours, you’d be less tired, and in general feel better. It is just a theory though.”

PS- I made a short video about how I train below (two-a-days every day- running and lifting. I call it the Freak Mode Method)

3. On madness:

Madness will be an important creature throughout your career. Protect it.”

4. On working:

5. On constraints:

“Constraints breed resourcefulness: The highest form of creativity is found by improvising within a set of restrictions.”

— Christopher Nolan (via Founders Podcast #313)

6. On running:

Interesting tweet here for anyone interested in the running space. It feels like there is massive hype now around marathons, and distance races. But in reality- shorter distance stuff is very fun, and has more realistic training schedule.

I think that sub-niche of running will blow up in the next few years.

7. On weakness:

“Weak people are a host for evil.”

— Tucker Carlson (h/t Steven Borrelli)

8. On urgency:

“You are your own worst enemy. You waste precious time dreaming of the future instead of engaging in the present. Since nothing seems urgent to you, you are only half involved in what you do. The only way to change is through action and outside pressure. Put yourself in situations where you have too much at stake to waste time or resources--if you cannot afford to lose, you won't. Cut your ties to the past; enter unknown territory where you must depend on your wits and energy to see you through. Place yourself on ‘death ground,’ where your back is against the wall and you have to fight like hell to get out alive.”

— Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War

9. On obsession:

10. On confidence and work ethic:

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