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  • 🏴 Introducing PR30 - A 30 Day Video Obsession Challenge - Sign up by end of day Wednesday 4/17/24

🏴 Introducing PR30 - A 30 Day Video Obsession Challenge - Sign up by end of day Wednesday 4/17/24

For The Obsessed

PR (Press Record) 30. A 30 Day Video/Obsession Challenge.

Announcement: I’m launching a new video/content challenge today- called PR30.

It’s a 30 day content creation challenge. Here are the rules:

  1. Post 1 video per day for 30 days.
    (YouTube, IG, TikTok, or Twitter). I recommend focusing on YouTube, going for 5-20 minutes, then cutting up clips for short-form on IG, TikTok, Twitter, etc. But minimum requirement is a short-form video on any platform, at least 1 minute.

  2. Press record and tell the truth.
    You don’t need fancy edits, or a fancy camera. Just press record, and talk about what you care about.
    Document your ideas. Your life. Building your company. Anything you want.
    I recommend thinking of it like a ‘video journal.’
    There’s no strict guidelines on what your videos should look like. It can be a sit down talking video, a vlog, anything. All that matters is posting something.

  3. Upload before you go to sleep. Anyone who fails will be removed from the official challenge/private group. (You can obviously continue on your own.)

You can start/sign up until end of day Wednesday 4/17/24. (midnight EST).

The official challenge starts on Monday, 4.15.24.

Keep reading to learn what it’s all about, and why you should or should not do it (if you care about content/video/communication).

I’m placing all my bets here.

Everyone is tired of consuming ‘content.’

No one wants more podcast clips.

No one wants more over-edited YouTube videos, with clickbait and fast cuts.

All the world wants now, is something real.

For someone to look in the camera, show who they really are, and what they really care about.

It’s incredibly rare.

But when you see it, it’s obvious. And creators who do this, consistently, build the deepest connection possible with their audience. They feel like a best friend. And often, this rare authenticity builds them into some of the biggest creators in the world.

Start/sign up any time until end of Wednesday 4/17/24. (midnight EST).

I called out Sam Sulek early last year for this new ‘trend’— before he gained millions of subscribers on YouTube. No editing. No nice camera (until a few months ago). Just raw, real, and capturing his way of life.

Creators like Sahil Bloom are shifting rapidly from solely written content (Sahil has 1M+ on Twitter), to making raw video-style content.

Sahil films a short video in the ice bath every morning. One takes, no cuts.

I started going hard on YouTube this year alongside him- and he’s absolutely crushing it.

I waited five years to start making video content.



I was posting on my Instagram the entire time, but never made the jump to video. I was afraid of what I’d talk about it. If I could talk well. If anyone would listen.

Since I started about five months ago, it completely changed my life.

I’ve posted 43 videos this year.

Plus some more on Instagram.

And since then, I’ve gotten incredible opportunities- through people who knew my content, but finally know me through video.

I’ve become incredibly confident speaking to a camera, small groups, or even at dinners.

I communicate like a different person.

I’ve wanted to get back to posting daily- because when you’re in that zone- it is an incredible feeling of output, productivity, and speed.

It’s addicting. Like a drug that hits every time you hit upload.

And the amount of iteration is insane. In terms of your videos, your ideas, and your speaking ability.

After just these + some reels, I speak with more confidence than I ever have. My relationship with my followers/readers is unbelievably deeper.

I had reach and trust before, but showing my face, and just being me, created real connection.

Like I said, people feel like they know ‘me.’ And they do. As a byproduct, all my ideas and writing on obsession resonate 1000x more.

Plus, talking out loud is an underrated way to work through your own ideas/goals. Speaking forces you to connect the thoughts in your head, in real time.

You can start/sign up any time until end of Wednesday 4/17/24. (midnight EST).

Making video content is one of my main goals for this year. My deep belief is that this type of content can not be hacked, gamed, or cheated.

The only way to do it- I believe- is to look in the camera, and tell the truth. Consistently. Openly. Relentlessly.

Everyone has a core truth to share with the world. That, if shared correctly, will resonate with unbelievable power. Because at the end of the day, everyone is the same.

Everyone wants to be successful.
Everyone wants to be happy.
Everyone wants to fall in love.
Everyone wants to be heard.

So when someone actually shares that part of themselves, with a core truth we all share, the world gravitates towards them. To support them on their mission. Whatever that mission may be.

I believe packaging and sharing truth- that is yours and yours alone- is one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

That’s why I’m so committed to video- and why this challenge exists.

And it’s very hard to do. But it’s less hard, with accountability.

1. Post 30 Videos (one per day- on Youtube, IG, Tiktok, or Twitter). 60 seconds minimum. Longer (5-7+ minutes) encouraged.
2. Talk about anything you want. I recommend recording when you’re at your highest energy, most excited, most obsessed. Have one topic in mind, and go. Document your ideas, your company, your mission, anything.
3. Upload before you go to sleep. If you fail, you will be removed from the private group, but can obviously continue the challenge on your own. No refunds.

There are no strict rules for the video format or style. Make anything. Just make sure you make something.


  1. Get instant access to the private PR30 Slack Channel when you join. With access to myself, and other obsessed creators doing the challenge.

  2. Four live calls (45min, 1/week), Tuesday 6:30PM EST. Recorded if you can’t make it.

  3. Pay for accountability. Spending money adds a real layer of commitment to actual finish the challenge.

Sign ups close at end of day Wednesday 4/17/24 (midnight EST).

P.S. This challenge originally begin under the branding of NC1T- No Cuts, One take.

I think that’s an incredible way to do PR30, and start making content. However, while I do sit down and record in one take, I prefer to make cuts to make the video more watchable. It doesn’t take long, and the video is much easier to consume.

So it’s up to you. Feel free to do the NC1T version of PR30. If you have no experience editing/making content, it’s likely the best place to begin.

Check out some of the people who already started NC1T below.

Sign ups close at end of day Wednesday 4/17/24 (midnight EST).

P.S.S. Obviously you can do this for free. And I encourage that if you don’t have money to spend. The benefit of paying for the challenge is:

  1. Paid accountability/skin in the game. Paying adds a real layer of commitment to actually finish the challenge.

  2. Four live calls (45min, 1/week), Tuesday 6:30PM EST. Recorded if you can’t make it.

  3. Access to myself and other obsessed creators doing the challenge.

  4. Get the feeling of obsession. I think ‘Obsession Challenges’ can be a very big tool for making meaningful change in just one month- whether that’s in art, or athletics, or business. Let yourself get consumed by a new craft, and your life can change very, very fast. This is just the first challenge, that I’m most excited

Sign ups close at end of day Wednesday 4/17/24 (midnight EST).

Get access to the Slack channel right when you sign up. Would love to have you along for the ride. 🏴 


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