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  • 🏴 On love and obsession, letting go, and Somebody. Ten Bullets.

🏴 On love and obsession, letting go, and Somebody. Ten Bullets.

For The Obsessed

To the obsessed,

Here are your weekly Ten Bullets.

Ten ideas to help you build companies, make art, and find your obsession.

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From me:

1. On content:

Because of AI, a personality/character/IP will matter much more than 'making content.'

Otherwise, you will be wiped out by an infinite wave of perfectly designed personal content create something AI can't replace- a unique name, story, person much easier said than done.

2. On obsession:

3. On running:

One day, you decide to start running.

Then you look back. And everything has changed.

You start for a reason.
Everyone has one.
To get fit.
To get fast.
To escape something.
Or someone.
Or some place.

You run.
And run.
And run.

And over time, running goes from a place of torture.
To a place of peace.

Three miles feels long, then short.
Six miles feels long, then short.
And so on..

Then, comes racing.

Your friend convinces you to sign up for one. You say f*ck it and commit. You train, or at least try to, with no idea what you're doing.

But something happens there.

Life becomes incredibly simple- and everything you do becomes directed towards an incredibly direct goal.

Run this distance, this day, as fast as you can.

You get a bib. You get to the start line. And you go.

During that race- your mind goes places it's never been. You feel things you've never felt. You become someone you've never been.

It's mental chess more than anything else. This is not a workout. It's war with the words you tell yourself.

One second, you're done. You're not even halfway done, but your legs are begging you to stop.

Then, in the next moment, you fly. With more energy and ecstasy than you've ever felt.

That game repeats 1000 different ways in 1000 different languages over 26.2 miles.

For me, it feels like being a passenger more than anything else. And during this race, I performed best when I completely surrendered to that role.

All of us deeply desire to touch greatness. It's why we match movies, championships. It's why we idolize artists, and entrepreneurs, who reach The Pinnacle of their field.

The beautiful thing about running and racing- is it gives us all a chance to touch that greatness. To hold hands with a superior version of ourselves. To meet them for maybe the first time. And to take a piece of them back with us, when the race is done.

From The Obsessed:

4. On love and obsession:

I think that people come alive when they’re serious about what they love—when they choose to pay careful attention to what feeds and sustains them. I love this one Heather Havrilesky line about how crushes are often just misplaced ambition. Of course crushes are more than that—they’re about nostalgia and magic and futures we’ll never access—but I think they’re also indicative of a desire to place happiness outside of ourselves.

If you want to be loved, find something you love. People can sense it when you have something you’re dedicated to. No one wants the burden of being the answer to your dissatisfication. When you’re unsure of yourself, it’s easy to be obsessed with the idea of love—the idea that happiness will arrive when someone else loves you. This can lead to you ignoring your own life.”

5. On energy:

"You get more benefit from being obsessed with your diet, than from the nutrition itself. The reason why [NoFap] is working, is because they've turned themselves insane. It's the obsession over it. The pathology. It's the fact that this person is so obsessed, it turns them into a mad genius. That energy of obsessing over something, and thinking about it all the time, creates a spiral of energy. It doesn't matter what you're doing. It doesn't matter what diet you're on. The obsession itself is what captures attention. It's what makes people persuasive. It's what makes people want to be part of the community. The obsession over anything ignites a spark in people. And gives you boundless energy."

6. On letting go:

"If you really want anything, you've got to be prepared fully to be the exact opposite. If you're a person looking for a relationship, the only way you're going to get in an awesome relationship is by being comfortable being alone. If you're a person who wants to get rich, you have to be comfortable being poor. Because that's the risk." - John Clarke on Lex Fridman Podcast

7. On training:

8. On triumph:

“For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

9. On calling:

“Texting ‘Can I call you?’ is the sign of an unserious person.

Serious people just call.

If somebody’s busy or they don’t want to talk, they can ignore you or text you back. What are you afraid of?

Why are you bothering me asking if you can call me?

Just calling is actually the more polite thing to do because you’re not wasting time coordinating.

Pick up the phone, serious people just call.”

10. On hits:

However, you still have to be prolific. Remember:

Your hits make you.

But your reps make hits.

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