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  • 🏴 On 'the need,' ambition, and moderation. Ten Bullets.

🏴 On 'the need,' ambition, and moderation. Ten Bullets.

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Reminder- The PR30 Challenge (Cohort 2) begins next Wednesday, 6/12/24.

Sign up by end of day 6/12/24 (midnight EST) to get access to the official challenge (details/inclusions below):

PR30: Post 30 raw videos over 30 days- documenting your ideas, your journey, anything. On YouTube, IG, TikTok, or Twitter.

To summarize the challenge:

  • I believe unfiltered, authentic video content is the ultimate ‘strategy’ going forward, and doing 30 videos like this can completely change your personal brand, and life. Everyone is tired of consuming overproduced, impersonal videos. All people want is something real.

  • Join if you want to obsess over content in general, iterate relentlessly, and finally force yourself to put out more stuff (because you know you’re capable)

  • Plus get access to me for a month (live calls/DMs)- to help you with content/general strategy

Doing this ‘challenge’ at the start of the year- posting every day, completely changed the connection I have with my audience, and my ability to speak/communicate (online and offline).

I had ‘trust’ before, but videos create true ‘connection.’

Followers don’t just know your content. They actually know you.

And, challenging yourself to such an extreme constraint- turns you into a machine- of creation, iteration, and productivity. Action becomes a drug.

PR30 is an opportunity for you to try the ‘content method’ I speak on often:

Step 1: Post every day
Step 2: Post better every day

Very few do Step 1 (consistency). And almost no one does Step 2 (iteration). Every creator who does anything meaningful- does both relentlessly.

When you pay ($300.00) to join the challenge officially, you’ll get:

  1. Access to myself / others doing the challenge in a private PR30 Slack (get invited when you sign up)

  2. Four live group calls (45min, 1/week), Wednesdays 6:30PM EST. Recorded if you can’t make it. Get feedback/advice from me- and other creators in the challenge

  3. Paid accountability/skin in the game to actually start putting out more content, and complete the challenge.

  4. 24/7 Slack DM access to me

  5. 100 Bullets on Content (short ebook/document with everything I knew about what makes the best content/creators- from five years+ doing content)

Must sign up by end of day Wednesday (6/12/24)- the first day of the challenge. Would love to have you along for the ride.

If you’d like to hear a testimonial from a creator who killed it in Cohort 1 (found their format, and got first viral YouTube video)- click here.

1. On the paradox for greatness:

Extreme confidence + extreme humility. It’s a rare and deadly combination for greatness.

2. On difference (how to be different without being lucky):

Read the full post below:

3. On ambition:

“In Caesar’s mind, he’s not just competing with the other all gust figures of his era- the other great humans beings who are pushing the envelope of distinction and fame and notoriety and power in the ancient Roman Republic. Julius Caesar is competing on a celestial level. He wants to be the best that ever was.”

This episode just dropped- and the title- Mania for Subjugation- makes it a must listen. Carlin’s obsession with this podcast is a work of art itself.

4. On moderation:

“I'm not a fan of moderation. I'm attracted to extremes...what do you want your life experience to be? Do you want to be exceptional? Do you want to push the boundaries of your capabilities? Do you want to walk around in a fog butting up against your potential but never actualizing it? Then knock yourself out. Be moderate. I'm not interested in that.”

— Rich Roll

5. On ‘the need’:

"There is a need, a transient need, a violent need for being just yourself, restating, recreating, talking in your own terms about what you have learned from all the cultures, scientific and non-scientific, before you and around you. During that period you want to be almost alone, with just a few friends. You want to be undisturbed. You want to be free to think not for an hour at a time, or three hours at a time, but for two days or two weeks, if possible, without interruption. You don't want to drive the family car or go to parties. You wish people would just go away and leave you alone while you get something straight."

— Edwin Land (Founder of Polaroid)

(h/t @teefaircloth)

PS: Check out the Founders Podcast episodes on Land if you are curious. He was one Steve Jobs’ biggest heroes/inspirations.

6. On beauty:

“Beauty and ethics are one and the same. Creating a beautiful work of art and becoming beautiful oneself are identical.”

Yukio Mishima

7. On taste and execution:

“The world is a museum of obsessions. It’s Steve Jobs’ iPhone, glossy and thin, Miyazaki’s hand-drawn animations, Tarkovsky’s despairing films, Gates’ personal computers, Da Vinci's flying machines, Coco Chanel’s fashion empire, John Quinn and Alfred Barr’s Picasso exhibitions in an America that shunned European artists. What we take for granted as just merely existing was once a fledgling idea, borne in a world that rejected it or wasn’t ready. Whether it died or lived hinged upon who dreamt it up, and how long they were willing to work and sometimes suffer greatly for it. Indeed, some dreams make for feverish dreaming.”

“Smart and obsessive people are, in fact, widely distributed. Artists, writers, architects, quants, hackers, engineers, product marketers, designers, medics, sportsmen etc etc. The common thread is a commitment to taste and execution. Taste as in devotion to figure out what good looks like, and execution to engineer emergence of said goodness.”

@startingfromnix, obsessive (substack)

8. On creating:


If you know you’re meant to do huge things, doing nothing will feel like dying.

PS0- this is why PR30 exists. Forcing yourself to make something every day- gives you extreme confidence- and pushes you to make so much more.

Click here to learn more about PR30, and sign up by end of day Wednesday, 6/12/24.

9. On extremes:

10. On surrender:

“When I’m out there, I’m not thinking too much. I can kind of go in there, and surrender to my higher self. And just feel like someone else takes over, and does the magic.”

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